Mirror Shards: Volume Two – TOC Announcement

Black Moon Books is pleased to announce the TOC for the second volume of the Mirror Shards Anthology.  The anthology theme deals with the technology of augmented reality in its many forms.  The anthology will be released in August as an e-book and paperback.  Exact pricing and release dates to be determined later.

Mirror Shards: Volume Two
“Ghosts in the Mist” by Annie Bellet
“Facial Recognition” by Michele Lang
“An Apocolypse of Her Own, One Day” Alex J. Kane
“The Pressure of Esctacy” by Terry Edge
“The Mirrored Ends of Whitechapel Market” by Tomar Volk
“The Open Source Woman” by J. Daniel Sawyer
“This Secular Technology” by Bogi Takács
“Tijuana, Massachusetts” by Robert T. Jeschonek
“The Lorieme Job” by Thomas K. Carpenter
“Bloodhound” by Louise Herring-Jones
“Interstices” by Samantha Murray
“A Splash of Color” by William T. Vandemark
“Rats Will Run” by Marina J. Lostetter