New Release — Mirror Shards: Volume Two

Black Moon Books is proud to announce the second volume of the Mirror Shards anthology.

BEWARE! Between these pages, thirteen tales about augmented reality lie in wait to steal away your senses. 

Go on the hunt for poachers in a dangerous mist. Use your powers of reality-shaping to steal eternal life. Create a piece of art that embodies the soul of its muse. Find love in the data-memories of a ghost. Attend to your spiritual mind while your mortal body is in danger. Follow alien ley lines on another planet searching for the truth. Remember, when you step inside these pages, use all your senses, because you never know what lurks beneath…

The novel can be purchased by e-book at AmazonB&N and Smashwords for $6.99, or as a paperback for $15.99.