New Release — Neochrome Aurora

Black Moon Books is proud to announce the final installment of the Digital Sea trilogy: Neochrome Aurora.

Neochrome Aurora

A city-destroying sand storm approaches Beijing. A man-made plague of empty realities consumes rich and poor alike. War clouds gather on the plains of Africa. As the climate spirals towards a tipping point, factions position themselves for a radically changed world. 

When Zel Aurora embarks on a journey to help the Quicksilver Spider discover his beginnings, she uses the adventure to teach her girls life lessons. But when a digital sea plague invades the idyllic Louisiana estate, Zel cannot ignore the world’s decent into chaos any longer. Now Zel is faced with a terrible choice: risk her daughters as she goes after an old foe, or leave a friend to die.

The novel can be found at Amazon, B&N, KOBO, and Smashwords in ebook form for $7.99 or paperback for $17.99.